How Can You Help Prevent a Disaster?

What would you do to help the people of Sudan avert a conflict?

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7 Responses to “How Can You Help Prevent a Disaster?”

  1. Ramon Boza Says:

    Besides the financial help.. a very strong, careful supervision of the distribution of goods, water systemss, food supply ect. Avoid tribal and or feligious competition and development of local corruption. Sudan is placed in a very very tense location. Somalia, Muslims of diferent persuations.
    I am retired so my contributions to your and other reliable charities is sort of paltry. Blessings .
    Raquel(deceased) and Ramon

  2. teddy Says:

    i would mobilize a team to educate the civilians on the need to live in harmony and understanding.

  3. Sherry D Says:

    I would send you $200 to help with the work. Yeah for you and thank you. God bless.

    Please keep my last name private. I like to go by Sherry D

  4. Martha Schmitt Says:

    The long term solution for peace is better education. Educated citizens of Sudan can talk out their problems, work in harmony. More emphasis needs to be placed on schools and teachers for the children of Sudan so this crisis will not be in their future.

  5. Jacqueline Says:

    first, i would like to congratulate CRS teams working in Sudan.
    The crisis in Sudan is very deep and in accord with what Martha’s say; stress have to be put on peace education and acceptation of each other as the same among youth, first, second build mixt school where student will learn to accept and love each other as God said.

  6. Jeff Says:

    I would determine what it is that motivates those in power among the competing sides. Then I would consider alternatives based on that.

  7. Logani, S. M Says:

    It has been seen that in most catastrophic crises in Africa, victims are left to conclude later that “they had been left alone, intentionally to suffer all kind of human deprivation”, this could be avoided beforehand. I would be ready to volunteer working in Sudan in the field of socio economic education and communal (grassroot) management of their resources for the common benefits of their country.

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