Helping Pakistani farmers recover from floods: The CRS response

The recent flooding in Pakistan has been a disaster for farmers. Many families lost their crops as well as their homes, seed stores, stables and livestock. Farmers throughout the flood-affected areas need to plant wheat during the October/November planting season, but where and how will they get the seed?

CRS recently completed a seed assessment to determine current conditions and how farm families will be able to access the seed they will need.

Although the current flooding has had a devastating impact on rural livelihoods, we know that markets continue to function and that farmers are best placed to manage their own recovery. To assist, CRS proposes to issue eligible farmers with vouchers that they can redeem for wheat and other seed from suppliers they trust. In addition to ensuring that farmers get good seed, this approach puts money into the local economy.

You can read a technical report on this seed assessment and CRS’ response here.

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