Advocacy, Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Help the People of Syria Today

As violence in Syria spirals into civil war, civilians are caught in the middle. Thousands have fled to neighboring countries. Syrian families are asking for help as they struggle to survive. Catholic Relief Services and our Church partners are reaching out to Syrian families in need providing hope and assistance with housing, food, medical care and meeting other basic necessities.

Syrians fleeing their homes into neighboring Jordan and Lebanon say they represent pieces of something that might never again be whole. Noujad, a grandmother in her sixties, never expected to find herself in this situation. “How can it be that my husband was killed and my son was kidnapped? The heart of a mother is very sensitive. When her son gets sick, a mother can’t sleep in the night. My son is missing, and I can’t sleep in the night. We had no idea we would be leaving Syria this way. For my husband, may he rest in peace. I hope he is in heaven now. I only ask that God protects my son.” Noujad and her family are receiving assistance in their temporary shelter from Church staff.

Your action is needed now! You can help refugees like Noujad and her family by raising your voice today. Email Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today to let her know how concerned you are about the humanitarian crisis in Syria and neighboring countries. Urge her to work for peace and to increase U.S. support and assistance for Syrian refugees.

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