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Help Sudan – Email President Obama

Here’s a way to have an immediate say in Sudan’s future and the lives of millions of people:

What is the issue? After decades of war between the north and south, the people of southern Sudan voted to become the world’s newest nation on July 9, 2011. However, the long-term peace and stability in all of Sudan is at a critical juncture.

With only weeks to independence, many of the key issues of the peace agreement that brought an end to the north-south civil war in 2005, known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), remain unsettled. These include border demarcation, citizenship, wealth sharing, and the security and rights of minorities, particularly of those remaining in the north. In response to recent fighting in Abyei, a disputed border area, the northern army attacked and has occupied the town, while tensions in Southern Kordofan, and Blue Nile continue to escalate. This violence threatens the CPA. The suffering and insecurity of the people in Darfur must also be resolved

Go here for the rest of the story and to email President Obama.

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  1. Ayoub Job Says:

    we know that you can help Sudan and you can serve the people overthere who are suffering a lot. do something for them, let them enjoy their new nation. PLEASE

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