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Keddo Umar is one of more than 302,000 people to take part in the CRS Productive Safety Net Program in Ethiopia. Photo by David Snyder for CRS

Imagine you lived in Ethiopia, where millions of people like Keddo do not know where their next meal will come from. Before they could rely on their farms to provide much needed food to eat and to sell, but increasingly unreliable rains have changed this. Now many families must sell precious household items like their chickens or goats just to get through the hungry season. They are increasingly trapped in a cycle of poverty and hunger.

But imagine that something simple could be done to help people like Keddo.

With just six annual distributions of wheat, dried peas and vegetable oil, Keddo has been able to feed her family during lean times and use the money she saved from her small business to buy an ox and a cow. Although she owns only sixth-tenths of an acre, formerly the sole source of her family’s food, she can now use that land exclusively for more marketable high-value crops such as tomatoes and potatoes. With more assets, Keddo had the collateral required to successfully apply for a loan to buy three goats that she plans to breed and expand her business. Perhaps most importantly, Keddo says the money she saved has allowed her to put all of her six children in school, something she was unable to afford before.

This is just one example of what some of the programs funded by the United States Farm Bill can do. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, along with Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities USA and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, are united in their support for passage of a Farm Bill that feeds and changes the lives of poor and vulnerable people here at home and around the world, promotes conservation that protects God’s creation, lifts up small family farms and helps rural America thrive.

Your action is needed now! Make sure the Farm Bill feeds the hungry, preserves God’s creation, and supports small family farmers and rural America. Visit this website to send an e-mail to your Representative or call 1-702-577-2339 to reach your Representative now. Click here for call instructions and talking points.

Double your impact! Copy and paste your message to your Representatives and submit it on the House Agriculture Committee feedback form.

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