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CRS recently spoke with parishioners of St. Camillus Catholic Church in Silver Spring, MD, about their efforts to incorporate Fair Trade products into all of their activities and events.

What is the price for the Fair Trade products?

These premium products are offered for sale at the cost of the product and shipping.  The price paid is usually much lower than retail prices for similar quality products, so parishioners are getting a great value while providing farmers a fair wage.  When shopping, St. Camillus parishioners learn more about Fair Trade, and are encouraged to support Fair Trade by looking for the labels shown on food packages.

How are the Fair Trade products procured before selling them to parishioners?

Members of the Hospitality Team manage the Fair Trade inventory and place orders.  The invoices are paid from the Parish’s Fair Trade account, which is replenished by profit made from sales. .

What is the reaction of the Fair Trade companies to the St. Camillus model?

One of the providers of Fair Trade products to the parish said: “St. Camillus is probably the longest and most constant relationship we have ever had with a church community.  I can only imagine, and I get really excited about, how Fair Trade would grow if the St. Camillus model could be continued with other U.S. religious communities.”

More on St. Camilus Fair Trade.

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