Advocacy, Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Help Create Wealth for All

Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, says in his new encyclical letter, Charity in Truth:

“In the search for solutions to the current economic crisis, development aid for poor countries must be considered a valid means of creating wealth for all. What aid programme is there that can hold out such significant growth prospects — even from the point of view of the world economy — as the support of populations that are still in the initial or early phases of economic development? From this perspective, more economically developed nations should do all they can to allocate larger portions of their gross domestic product to development aid, thus respecting the obligations that the international community has undertaken in this regard.”

You can take up the call of our Holy Father now and urge your Representatives to fully fund the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill and oppose any amendments that would cut funding for programs that reduce poverty.  This bill funds lifesaving programs that confront global poverty, including; provision of food and clean water; treatment of people affected by HIV and other deadly diseases; promotion of agriculture and microfinance to help people support themselves and their families; and delivery of education and health services to poor people. However, current efforts among some House members are to cut funding for these lifesaving programs.

It’s quick and easy.  Just visit our Action Center now and send a message to your Representative.  Every voice matters and every message counts!

– Tina Rodousakis

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