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Help Bring Peace to Sudan

What if you had been given the chance to prevent the genocide in Rwanda?

What would you have done?

What if you had the chance to bring peace to Sudan?

What would you do?

Sudan is at a life or death crossroads and the fate of its people hangs in the balance.   In early January, 2011 the people of southern Sudan will vote on a referendum that will determine if the country of Sudan should be divided into two separate countries…north Sudan and south Sudan.  It is possible that a resolution could be as good for Sudan as the election of Nelson Mandela was for the people of South Africa, or the referendum could trigger violence as horrendous as the genocide in Rwanda.

The bishops of Sudan are calling us to act.  Our Catholic tradition demands we answer the call to be peacemakers.  In this vote, we don’t take sides, but stand up for the poor and vulnerable.  We stand up for peace.

Hear their call.  Be a Voice for Peace.

Today, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) through the Catholics Confront Global Poverty (CCGP) initiative are launching an effort for Peace in Sudan to draw attention to the need for a peaceful vote in Sudan and call for the attention of global leaders, particularly the United States.  This effort begins on September 21, 2010, the International Day of Peace and goes for 101 days ending on January 1, 2011, the World Day of Peace.

In the coming days and through the referendum vote, Catholics Confront Global Poverty will keep you informed about the unfolding situation in Sudan. We are making various prayers, liturgical aides, youth/young adult focused resources and legislative advocacy opportunities available for you and your community to engage in this effort. More activities, prayers and lesson plans will be added as they become available on our special website

Share the stories of your efforts for Peace in Sudan with others around the country!

As your community Prays, Learns, Advocates, and Gives for Peace in Sudan, earn a Star on our Solidarity Map! Your groups can submit their activities for praying, learning, acting, and giving through this form.  The information will be reviewed and your group’s star and information will be posted soon after.

Here are some resources that can help you get started:

PRAY: Join with our brothers and sisters in Sudan and with all people of good will in praying earnestly for a peaceful and fruitful referendum. May our God of justice and truth guide us all at this momentous time.

Prayer for Sudan – This prayer can be used in liturgy or offered everyday between September 21, 2010, the International Day of Peace and January 1, 2011, the World Day of Peace.

Change Your Heart-Change the World: Reflections for 101 Days of Prayer for Sudan – A collection of 101 daily reflections, scripture passages and prayers created by the Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference to be used by individuals, families and communities of faith in Sudan and around the world to foster a peaceful referendum in Sudan.

LEARN: Learn about the history of Sudan and meet some of its people.  What exactly is peacebuilding and how do you build peace?

Sudan:  Tipping the Balance toward Peace – Background on the Referendum and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for Sudan.

Peacebuilding 101: No Fear – “People think of peace as cease-fire,” says Father Joseph Mawa, pastor of St. Patrick’s Church in Nimule, southern Sudan. “But peace is more than that. Peace is absence of fear, absence of anxiety.”

Perilous Crossroads for Sudan – Editorial by Sean Callahan, Executive Vice President for CRS’ Overseas Operations.

ADVOCATE: Contact your elected officials.

Send your Congressperson a message – Take Action Now! Contact your Representative now and urge him/her to co-sponsor the bipartisan House Resolution 1588 that supports full implementation of the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement and efforts to promote peace and stability in Sudan.

Tell President Obama Sudan needs our support – Take Action Now! Contact President Obama now and urge him to do everything he can to support full implementation of the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement and efforts to promote peace and stability in Sudan.

Keep Coming Back!
Every week more resources will be added to the Peace in Sudan website.  Please keep checking back and feel free to contact us for questions.

If you could prevent genocide from happening, What would you do?

Hear their call.  Be a Voice for Peace.

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