Hands-on Learning in Ghana

From Carla Aguilara, CRS staffer from San Antonio, on her recent trip to Ghana:

I carefully watch Atule Nyaba hands to study her weaving technique.

She shows me how to roll the elephant grass and moves it rapidly back and forth. It looks easy, but when I try it, I fail miserably and we both get a huge laugh!

Atule Nyaba is part of a Fair Trade co-operative group of basket weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana.

The groups of women come from 17 different communities and are supported through Trade Aid International, a non-governmental organization in Ghana that works to generate employment and wealth for the rural poor. In Bolga, located in the Upper East region of Ghana, 90% of people live below the poverty line.

Read the rest of the story here on the CRS Fair Trade website.

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