Haiti Update from Port au Prince

Here’s a few more lines from Bill Canny, CRS’ country representative for Haiti who’s in Port au Prince and seeing first-hand the catastrophe that the storms have left in their wake.

As people begin to rebuild their lives we are working with our local partner Caritas Haiti on getting out much needed food and supplies. Since the storms hit we’ve been distributing mosquito nets, bedding, clothing, household items, and hygiene packs that include soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, detergent and combs. We’ve also started a cash-for-work, clean-up program. Volunteers are put to work cleaning up the debris and damage from Ike and the previous storms. By paying people to clean up their communities we help to get the local economy moving again and allow our beneficiaries to purchase what they need most.

In the Gonaives area alone there are still some 300,000 people in immediate need. CRS hopes to reach 100,000 affected Haitians. For approximately every $100,000 we spend, we can reach 1,000 families or 5,000 people. We are distributing a family food ration that is good for a family of five for 15 days. This cost $80 and includes: 55 lbs of rice (25 kilos), sardines, peanut butter, bread, salt and spices and charcoal for cooking.

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