Haiti Flooding: ‘The City is Rivers’

Holly Inurreta- CRS Regional Technical Advisor for Emergencies -is on the ground in Haiti. She spoke via phone today with CRS Communications Officer Sara Fajardo. Here’s a portion of the story that developed from that conversation:

It rained so hard on Saturday and Sunday that the water once again reached 10 feet high. The people had two days reprieve and are now back in the same situation. The city is rivers, and people don’t have boats. Our local partners will get out as soon as possible, and as soon as the water gets down to a moveable level they’ll be out distributing.

Holly said CRS and partners were able to bring some supplies to Gonaives, a coastal city thrashed by four storms in the past few weeks. She also notes that Haiti is likely to see more storms before the end of the Hurricane season.

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