Haiti Flooding: Images in a Hurricane’s Wake

In this story based on a phone conversation with Holly Inurreta– CRS Regional Technical Advisor for Emergencies – she describes the scene on the ground following the fourth storm to blast Haiti in recent weeks. The photos below bear graphic witness to her narrative.

Recent storms devastated the city of Gonaives, as illustrated in this photo of the south entrance to the city.

When we got to the city, it was clear that the water had gone up as high as 10 feet. You could see grass and debris stuck above entryways of houses, trucks flipped over. Since it was drying out, we saw people trying to restart their lives. They were laying out papers and clothes.

Post Hurricane Ike, a flooded health center.

Think of your images of people after Katrina: You have people sitting on roofs just waiting for the water to go down.

Destroyed houses are a common sight in the coastal city of Gonaives.

There were people crawling on top of vehicles trying to get to the second floor—others were selling food, sugarcane, water, anything. They were trying to start up markets, but I don’t know how many were buying. Women were laundering their clothes in the dirty water. Where there was no water, there was 3 to 6 inches of mud. – Holly Inurreta

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