Haiti Diary: Food Distribution

In late September, photojournalist David Snyder traveled to Haiti for CRS. His mission was to document what he found in the flood-ravaged country. The following is the second of his Haiti diary entries.

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Food and water distribution is among the first responses following the large scale storm disaster to hit Haiti. Photo by David Snyder for CRS.

Saturday, September 27, 2008 Gonaives, Haiti: Went out this morning to the Missionaries of Charity compound in the north end of the city. CRS has been distributing food kits through the site, because it is a secure location with walls and a single gate in and out. Today, the sisters there distributed CRS rations to 500 families – about 2,500 people – each designed to last one week. While the distribution was going on, several more trucks of CRS food and water were being off-loaded for a later distribution, so the compound was alive with activity. Though I have seen many such distributions in the past, I’m always amazed at how much coordination goes into each one. The sisters started this distribution at five in the morning, and finished around noon. All of the beneficiaries who came today were pre-registered days earlier, chosen from the most affected communities nearby. Distributions have been going on at the site nearly every day since Hurricane Ike, with food provided by CRS and other agencies.

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