Haiti, Cuba Relieved by Quiet Hurricane Season

This time last year, Haiti and Cuba were reeling from powerful hurricanes that still have both countries in recovery mode. So understandably, the start of the current storm season heightened concerns among people on the islands as well parishioners in places such as Miami, the closest major U.S. city to the islands. This is especially true for immigrant families with relatives and close ties to the islands.

“It’s like a person who [stays on edge] because he knows sickness may come,” explains Auxiliary Bishop Felipe Estevez with the Archdiocese of Miami.

Father Jean Jadotte, associate pastor of Notre Dame D’Haiti parish in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, agrees. “We always pray that no other hurricane hits Haiti because they haven’t fully recovered from last year,” he says. “It’s like sleeping with one eye open.”

When disasters do strike, the Archdiocese of Miami among other dioceses in the U.S. are on the front lines helping Catholic Relief Services raise money or rush relief items. We witnessed many of these acts of solidarity last year with groups such as the Daughters of Charity in Miami and the Dioceses of Brooklyn, New York and Gary, Indiana.

But so far this year’s Caribbean storm season has been quiet, especially in Haiti–a relief to Miamians like Cuban-native Estevez.

“No bad news is good news,” he says. “It’s more like a quiet contentment.”

– Kai Hill, associate web producer

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