Haiti CRS Responds to Hurricane Tomas Damage

In the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas striking Haiti on Friday, Catholic Relief Services is working with affected populations to help those in need. Hurricane Tomas killed 6 people and destroyed more than 100 homes.

CRS distributed food and water to about 4,000 people in temporary shelters in southern Haiti, the area most affected by the storm.

Agriculture loss and infrastructure damage are concerns for the recovery from the storm. CRS estimates that some regions lost between 50 and 70 percent of their crops.

“Fortunately, the worst case scenario for Hurricane Tomas that we were preparing for in Haiti did not come to pass,” said William Schmitt, CRS regional technical advisor for emergencies in Latin American and the Caribbean. “However, our teams have reported pretty severe and widespread crop losses in the departments of Cayes, Grande Anse and Nippes. CRS is preparing a new initiative to provide assistance and income-earning opportunities to families that have suffered serious crop losses in the South.”

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