Haiti Catastrophe Presents Aid Distribution Challenge

From Caritas communications officer Michelle Hough in Haiti:

People have been out on the streets for six days. Some manage to cook and eat with things they’ve salvaged but there are corners of the city where people don’t have access to water and food. Aid agencies have to do assessments to see where the people are, how many are there and what they need.

Caritas has been doing small emergency distributions through parishes but nothing large so far as it’s difficult to identify appropriate sites and also carry out the assessments. I wonder why they just can’t just go somewhere with a couple of trucks and start giving out food.

“Finding suitable distribution points is a big challenge because you have crowd control issues when a big crowd arrives,” says Donal Reilly, deputy director of the emergency response team for Catholic Relief Services (CRS – an American member of Caritas). “When we’ve got so little to give compared to the needs it’s difficult as you may not have enough for everyone.”

Read the full story here.

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One Response to “Haiti Catastrophe Presents Aid Distribution Challenge”

  1. Stan Darroch Says:

    My daughter would like to know the CRS site dedicated to Haiti disaster relief so we can donate money directly to the relief effort.

    Editor’s note: That’s crs.org. The donate buttons take you to the Haiti donation page.

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