Haiti: Archbishop of Port au Prince Feared Killed in Quake

Fr. Jean Jadotte, associate pastor of Notre Dame D’Haiti parish in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, said Wednesday morning that the parish fears the archbishop of Port-au-Prince may have died in the earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday.

“We don’t know the status,” however, there were reports that they haven’t found his body in the rubble of the Cathedral, Jadott said.

The Associated Press reported that a “Catholic priest in France said the archbishop of Port-au-Prince, Monsignor Joseph Serge Miot, has died in the Haiti earthquake. Father Pierre Le Beller of the Saint Jacques Missionary Center in western France says fellow missionaries in Haiti told him they found Miot’s body in the ruins of the archdiocese office. Archbishop Miot was 63.”

“We have a lot of bad news coming … that’s been coming from Haiti,” Jadotte said.

Our prayers go out to Monsignor Miot’s friends and family and the all those he serves in Haiti.

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6 Responses to “Haiti: Archbishop of Port au Prince Feared Killed in Quake”

  1. Presley Meus Says:

    May God bless the archbishop.

  2. Patricia North Balthazor Says:

    May God have mercy on his soul, and may he be commended into eternal rest to glorify the Lord with the angels and the saints…May the Holy Spirit comfort his family and friends as they mourn his death.

  3. faithful Says:

    Msgr. Miot is at rest. We can best honor him and others, who lost their lives serving the poor of Haiti, by praying and giving financial support to the recovery effort. It is our unique opportunity to convert a terrible event into the opportunity to manifest Christ’s light of hope to our brothers and sisters who are in great dispair.

  4. Eileen Costello Says:

    Thank you Lord for sending great Catholic leaders to Shepard your flock. May God bless Archbishop Miot and all of the men and woman both ordained and lay who serve God around the earth.

  5. Craig T Monroe Says:

    Our Lady of the Little Ships…..

    Protect those who bring relief to the people of Haiti by land, sea, and air.

  6. Kathleen Brestensky Says:

    Rest in peace, Archbishop Moit, and please pray for us. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Our Lord and Our Lady be with all!

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