Guatemala: Remembering Fr. Greg Schaffer

From our friend Michael Sheridan at the CRS Coffeelands blog, this reflection about a life that has given life to countless others. Thought you might like to know about Fr. Greg Schaffer.

A light that burned brightly for nearly 50 years on the shores Lake Atitlán in Guatemala has gone dark: Fr. Greg Schaffer of the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota, died last week. During nearly a half-century of committed ministry, Fr. Greg accompanied the mostly indigenous community of San Lucas Tolimán through a painful civil war, countless natural disasters and the persistent violence that characterizes present-day Guatemala. He also devoted himself with loving generosity to building community in the broadest sense: among the Kaqchiquel and Spanish-speaking people of San Lucas, between his community in Guatemala and his community in Minnesota, and between the people he loved and served in Guatemala and the countless people whose spirit of solidarity led them into to the welcoming embrace of the San Lucas Mission. He was an extraordinary pastoral agent who ministered to his people’s sacramental needs without ever losing sight of their acute material ones. His legacy includes more than 50 ongoing projects in and around San Lucas, including the Juan Ana Coffee Project.

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