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God’s Law, Written Upon our Hearts: Reflection for the 5th Week of Lent

At the heart of social justice is the skill of analysis. It is not enough to know that people are hungry, for example. It is essential to know why and to build a response that embraces the complexities of culture, class and community. Opting for the poor means being educated by people in poverty about their needs and responding in wise and informed ways.

During Lent, Catholic Relief Services and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops encourage you to participate in weekly ‘tiny retreats’— or five-minute reflections — to better lead you to solidarity with your brothers and sisters around the world.

This week’s reflection takes us to India, where the intervention of community health workers trained by Catholic Relief Services can mean life and hope for the unborn and for young, undernourished children. India has seen substantial economic growth over the years, but millions of its people continue to suffer from extreme poverty and malnutrition. Ethnic and religious clashes, seasonal floods, drought, cyclones and violent storms have prevented the poorest of the poor from achieving economic growth and sustainability. CRS’ health programs in India focus broadly on pre-natal and newborn nutrition, routine immunizations and polio eradication. Providing people with the skills and the resources they need to protect and nurture the children in their care is one way the Church lives out its social teaching to make a preferential option for the poor and to empower the most vulnerable.

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