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Global Poverty Issues: We Want to Hear From You

Please tell us which of the seven Catholics Confront Global Poverty issues of focus are you most interested in learning more about and why.

__ International Assistance
__ Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding
__ International Debt Relief
__ Global Trade and Agricultural Policies
__ Natural Resource Extraction
__ Migration
__ Climate Change

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4 Responses to “Global Poverty Issues: We Want to Hear From You”

  1. Lynn Jordan Says:

    I visited the HIV/AIDS home in Guatemala in August, with All God’s Children Intl. I also work with the non profit agency for orphan care Carolines Promise, in Kernersville, NC. We offer mission trips to Guatemala several times a year.
    May I please receive info on sponsorships, partnerships, fund raising needs etc? I plan to visit the home again in December. Perhaps we could establish a relationship and visit regularly?

  2. Sister Sharon Goodremote, FSSJ Says:

    I am intereted in global trade and agricultural policies, natural resource extraction – especially water and climate change. I am grateful for this endeavor of the Catholic Bishops. I also find that CRS’ microfinancing is a viable way for groups to address poverty in their neighborhoods and strengthens local economies.

  3. Meagan Phillips Says:

    I am very interested in learning more about peacebuilding/peacekeeping. It seems that the poorest countries tend to be countries that have suffered the most political unrest. Where peace flourishes, economies flourish. Working for peace is also working for dignity, safety, hope, and justice. Are there programs that work? How do they work? What have they accomplished? How can they be implemented in new situations?

  4. Father Frank Fried Says:

    I am privileged to take some time in Africa.
    I visited Kitui, Kenya, last week, and saw the work that CRS and other agents do to meet the severe shortage of rain and the needs of street children at St. John Eudes Rehabilitation Centre in Kitui.
    Love is the motive, surely, of the dedication of organizers and of those who pour out so much care.

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