Global Catholic Population Increases

From an annual report published in Agenzia Fides, the Church’s missionary news service:

World population
On 31 December 2007 the world population was 6,617,097,000 with an increase of 74,273,000 units compared with the previous year. Population growth was registered on every continent including Europe, as it was noted in the previous year: Africa +16,865,000; America +11,327,000; Asia  + 43,304,000; Oceania +531,000; Europe +2,246,000.

On the same date Catholics in the world numbered 1.146.656.000 with an overall increase of 15.906.000 more than the previous year, in every continent as follows: Africa +6.612.000; America +5.535.000; Asia +2.428.000; Europe + 1,132,000 Oceania +199.000.

The world percentage of Catholics increased by 0.05 %, settling at 17.33%; by continent: increases were registered in Africa + 0,40; Asia + 0,02; in Europe + 0,03 and in Oceania – 0,17 . a slight drop in numbers was registered in America – 0,17.

Hat tip to Patrick Nicholson of Caritas for bringing the report to our attention

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