Gaza: Thanks for Answered Prayers for End to Violence

Thank you for praying for an end to the violence between Israel and Gaza. The November 22 ceasefire announcement is a huge relief for the civilian populations on both sides — the primary victims of the conflict. CRS Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza country representative Matthew McGarry visited Gaza this weekend with good news about our staff, their families and the CRS office.

“There’s no question that our staff and their families were shaken by the intensity of the airstrikes, but we’re grateful that they all emerged unscathed. A few of our staff’s homes suffered minor damage, but nothing significant. Our Gaza office was not damaged, and we’re now back to normal operations.”

“Our staff are in good spirits and immensely grateful for the outpouring of prayers and support. Having lost a week of important work in Gaza, we are all back at work and keeping busy.”

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