Reader Question: Your Hope

What gives you hope?

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9 Responses to “Reader Question: Your Hope”

  1. Annie Colliflower Says:

    Jesus Christ is my ultimate hope. Those who serve in His name, loving and helping the least, lost and hopeless (ltheyike those who work for CRS) give me hope in mankind. And children…they always give me hope.

  2. jane angha Says:

    Thousands of teens, youth ministers and adult leaders spending a week of their summer serving those most in need – learning about social justice, catholic social teaching, scripture and what it means to live the Gospel – that gives me hope!!

  3. Ed Clark Says:

    My hope is in the name of the Lord.
    I ask him frequently to intervene.
    It saddens me terribly when we know well in advance about the oncoming effects of drought and famine as in East Africa. Why do millions need to die? Lets figure out ways to get out ahead of the crises. The Holy Spirit will provide. We have to be
    more effective in getting the right people’s attention early enough.

  4. Luis Zepeda Says:

    My hope is the resurection, which occurred to restablish the lost relationship between our Creator and us via the sacrifice of his Son. He promised us a new life were pain, suffering, and all the evil of this world will not be. He is the leader and we should follow him. Therefore, my hope is manifested in the saying “Jesus I trust in you”.

  5. David G. O'Brien, Esq. Says:

    I place my hope in Jesus Christ. He has promised to be with us when we are in need. In these times when the credibility of Church leadership has been severely diimished by the abuse crisis, I find myself focusing more than ever on Jesus. The foundation of my belief is the Bible, as well as the numerous miracles and apparitions, the authenticity of which have been confirmed.

  6. Gloria Atkins Says:

    Since I have had a more sincere faith since going to my 12 step meetings,I have discovered that my faith is renewed and I can face challenges with a deeper faith knowing that my Higher Power has renewed my life giving me more hope even though at the moment I am facing cancer surgery in the next month. I have hope that believing is all I can do knowing that my God is right here at my side guiding the doctor’s hands through all of this. I know that there is more for me to accomplish in this life.

  7. lck Says:

    Trusting in Jesus and continuing to ask Him to help me trust Him more.

  8. Stevarino Says:

    Christ our Lord.

    Hope in mankind to not let people die from hunger.

  9. george basile Says:

    I have come back to the Church and seeing the faithful gather each Sunday and the participants of the Mass on TELECARE TV give me great hope for the future generations and for my ultimate reunion with my deceased loved ones. I do believe that when we die we are only asleep for a while.

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