Foundation Renmen Centre de Recuperation

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At the Foundation Renmen (known as the house of love) they escaped the January 12 quake with no loss of life. Three of the children were hurt when a wall fell but they are doing well now. The buildings sustained heavy damage though.

Foundation Renmen is an orphanage in Port-au-Prince Haiti that is home to 50 children between the ages of two and 18, and 45 of them girls. The girls and the staff members all sleep in tents in the orphanage courtyard and lessons are held under a giant tarpaulin. In days following the quake, entire families of staff and the children stayed in the courtyard. Three more children have arrived at the Foundation since the quake.

Catholic Relief Services was supplying food to Foundation Renmen before the quake as part of a vulnerable groups feeding program. Since the quake, CRS has been providing medicine, tents, food and water.

Despite the devastation around them, the children receive loving care, and are free to play and learn. The older girls formed a singing group and lead the rest of the children is singing popular Haitian songs.

Story and video by Tom Price, communications manager reporting from Haiti

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