Forthcoming Book on CRS: Solidarity Will Transform the World


The book won’t hit the shelves until September, but a website is already up and running. Solidarity Will Transform the World: Stories of Hope from Catholic Relief Services is a collection of testimonies by the people served by CRS. It was written by Jeffry Korgen, the director of social ministries for the National Pastoral Life Center in New York.

The stories in Solidarity Will Transform the World highlight the lives of people in the developing world and the fight against poverty and injustice. Through these accounts, Korgen explores issues like immigration, HIV and AIDS, and peacebuilding.

Solidarity Will Transform the World will take you on a journey to visit the lives of people in Mexico, Zambia, India, Rwanda, and Nicaragua. Read about people in Mexico who are making a better living through Fair Trade coffee and microfinance programs, or about Zambians who through the miracle of antiretroviral drugs have been given a chance at living with HIV and AIDS and who now fight for the lives of their fellow countrymen.

Visit, the official website for the book, to read excerpts from all five chapters. The site also contains multimedia about CRS projects around the world — and will soon feature lesson plans and study guides for use of the book in classrooms.

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3 Responses to “Forthcoming Book on CRS: Solidarity Will Transform the World

  1. Connor Says:

    hi i enjoyed the read

  2. Rosie Briones Says:

    I often thought that the US government had a moral responsibility to be involved in projects such as the ones initiated by CRS, but after reading Solidarity Will Transform the World, I realize that it takes a spiritual guide such as CRS, with a faith base, to get it started and continue to maintain it through the participation of ordinary people from the different parishes. This movement may someday have a significant impact on the political systems of the world.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Solidarity means leaving yourself behind to pull someone else up. When we respect each other, hope endures and everything is possible.

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