Flying Nun? Sister’s Haiti Challenge Could Lead to Skydive

Sister Jane Meyer will know by Ash Wednesday if she will have to jump out of a plane.

Head of school at St. Agnes Academy in Houston, TX, Sr. Jane has committed to take her first skydive if her school can reach the $25,000 goal for Catholic Relief Services’ Haiti response.

The Academy set Ash Wednesday as the cutoff date to reach its $25,000 goal for Haiti relief. Through numerous bakes sales, tournaments, and student competitions the school has already raised $12,400 for CRS.

According to Leon Howard, Director of Finance and Facilities for the academy, contributions keep coming in and there is potential for exceeding the goal.

As the dollar amount increases, Sister Jane says she has a gut feeling that she will soon be a flying nun.

“I’m at the nervous stage right now and I have been trying to research if anyone has had a heart attack on the way down,” she joked. “I knew I wouldn’t jump for anything less than $25,000.”

Sister Jane says that she knows that CRS will be wise stewards of the school’s gift. A CRS Frontiers of Justice trip to Ghana convinced her of that.

“Being on the ground in Ghana, I saw firsthand that the money given to CRS goes directly to the cause,” she said.

As of now, Sister Jane is anxiously awaiting her fate and is thinking of what she is likely to say to people before taking her leap of faith.

“My message is that together we can do it,” she said. “We have a responsibility to help the world.”

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6 Responses to “Flying Nun? Sister’s Haiti Challenge Could Lead to Skydive”

  1. Brigid Schiro Says:

    Well, it is official. Sr. Jane, Head of School, will make her first skydive. Yesterday, week two of our Hope for Haiti drive produced over $30,000. As a school, we have colected over $42,000 for Catholic Relief Services in the first two weeks of our four week drive. In retrospect, I am sure the vision of Sr. Jane leaping form an airplane is what spurred the girls on. Even though we have reached this goal, we are continuing our drive to help as many people in Haiti as we possibly can. We will keep you posted.

  2. Shannon Guinther Says:

    Sister Jane,

    If you’d like an SAA alum to accompany you on your dive, I’d be more than willing to take the leap with you! I jumped tandem once in college, so I figure 20 years later is as good a time as any! You really need someone to be a part of this with you bc when you’ve finished, you will absolutely need to process the unbelievable experience with someone who has made the jump with you! It’s scary, but peaceful & envigorating all at once!

    Please let me know if I can be of service on your personal mission!

    Much love,
    Shannon (Warner) Guinther

    P.S. Maybe we shouldn’t let Delores in on this little secret! Hee-hee!

  3. Christina Says:

    So if they reach 50,000 will she have to jump twice? 😉

  4. Peter G Says:

    Verify Sister Jane’s jump and I will send a donation for the orphaned girls in Haiti.

  5. texiansRemain Says:

    Sister Jane:
    You are one of a kind and an inspiration to us all!

  6. The REAL Flying Nun Says:

    […] a follow-up to this post about Sr. Jane Meyer, who challenged her school to raise $25,000 for CRS’ Haiti relief by vowing to jump from an […]

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