Flood-stricken Brazilians To Receive Aid

Some 410,000 people in northern Brazil were forced from their homes after weeks of heavy rain and flooding. Resulting landslides have crushed homes and blocked roads. At least 52 people have died and close to 100,000 people are living in public shelters and need basic supplies.

Severely affected states include Maranhão, Piauí, Ceará and Amazonas. CRS Brazil and our local Caritas partners plan to provide hygiene and cleaning items to 4,000 families in public shelters in eight towns within Maranhão and Piauí,

Overall, more than one million people across 12 states have been affected in some way by the severe weather, which began in early April.

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    […] The northern Brazil town of Codó was recently inundated with torrential rains and severe flooding. Catholic Relief Services is providing at least 4,000 families with essential hygiene supplies. […]

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