Finding Ways to Distribute Food in Haiti

Haiti food

A woman receives food from CRS at a distribution point at the Petionville Club’s golf course. Photo by Lane Hartill/CRS

From a Catholic News Service report by Carol Zimmermann:

Although getting basic supplies such as food and water to the hundreds of thousands left homeless by Haiti’s Jan. 12 earthquake has been a Herculean task, aid workers were finding ways around traffic blockades, crowds of people and the country’s lack of infrastructure.

Baltimore-based Catholic Relief Services, which is coordinating the church’s relief and recovery efforts in Haiti, was able to get a jump-start on distributing aid because it already had warehouses filled with supplies in Haiti set up after the 2008 hurricanes in the region.

After it distributed plastic sheeting, water storage containers, mosquito nets, and hygiene kits from the Port-au-Prince warehouse Jan 14, the agency began distributing supplies from one of its other warehouses in Les Cayes, about 90 miles from Port-au-Prince.

CRS volunteers and staff in the Dominican Republic were purchasing and assembling boxes of food, including sardines and peanut butter, to deliver to Port-au-Prince. The ultimate goal was to have enough boxes of prepared food to feed 50,000.

Read the full CNS story here.

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  1. FRANCOIS Moise Says:

    I’d like that CRS come at Route de Fresres, Rue Fonds Jardins, were there is a camp with many people without nothing the need all food, sleeping mat health kit hygiene kit baby and infant clothes kit …….

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