Finding Gratitude in Crisis

The global financial crisis and attendant market volatility has a lot of people wondering how hard a hit they’re going to take. They’re worried about the future. Will our retirement plans be delayed or derailed? Will we have to put off buying a new house or car? Or will it get quite a bit worse than that?

Certainly, during hard times, we know that there are millions of people whose best situations will never be as comfortable as our worst. Whether or not it helps to remind ourselves of that, the fact remains, we very likely face rough times ahead. Many of of us are already feeling the pinch. We’re just wondering how bad it’s going to get.

With that in mind, and Thanksgiving approaching, we’d like to hear from you. What are you thankful for? How do you stay grateful when times are tough?

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23 Responses to “Finding Gratitude in Crisis”

  1. David Palasits Says:

    I am grateful for the opportunity to be in solidarity with partners and people around the world who are trying each day to promote human dignity.

  2. Liz Says:

    I am grateful for the lessons that we as a country are learning from this crisis. After years of over-consumption, we need to re-assess our priorities and recognize the need for social justice around the world.

    I am grateful for the people who have been working to protect the vulnerable, and for the example they set for the rest of us.

  3. Joanne Kratz Says:

    I am grateful for my health and that of my loved ones. I am also grateful for the opportunity I have had through CRS fairtrade activities to see the joy of those whose lives seem much less fortunate than mine on the surface. It is their lives that are a beacon to us for what matters most.

  4. Kabwayi Kabongo Says:

    I am grateful for life, good health, and for my family. In the current situation of high unemployment, I am grateful to have a job. I am also grateful that inspite of the economic cruntch people remain generous and continue to care for their fellow human beings while allowing CRS to continue to serve the neediest. Most of all, I am grateful that Jesus Christ died to save me.

  5. Carole Palka Says:

    I am thankful that my parents taught me to put God first and use His gifts wisely. Because of that I have always had something to eat and a roof over my head. As a retiree who worked in low paying jobs I do not have a big retirement check but I still manage to make ends met. I have never asked for a hand out from government but relied on the God given gifts to survive hard times.

  6. Carroll Hardy Says:

    I am grateful for my job at CRS during this economic decline.

  7. Gay Davis Says:

    I have been in mourning and suffering from some health problems but I am grateful to God for my job, my family, my dog and I am especially grateful when I walk in the national park near my home for the great beauty and bounty God has blessed us with. When I see the little sparrows landing on my patio ledge, I remember Jesus’ saying about how our Father cares for even the little sparrows. As Padre Pio said, “Pray, hope and don’t worry.”

  8. Pamela Says:

    I am grateful for the same things I was last year, my husband has a job, we have food , we have the love of our family and even the love of our once homeless pets. We give whatever we can to help others, even if it means just some clothing from our closets , or a couple of cans of food to the church donate or couple of toys at Chritmas,, mittens , new socks, hats etc. Some people around us have not been affected by the economic crisis, and continue to spend money as they did before , but I am proud of them because they give to charities and that’s being grateful too. The health of my extended family is not good at all,including mine and my husbands , but I’m happy that I believe in God and can pray that they will be well again. If you have food, shelter, friends and a job, you should be very, very grateful and try to help others in any way you can. If tou can mow someone’s lawn, shovel your neighbors driveway, or simply get their mail for them, you’re giving back. I know one of my neighbors will not water his grass only some small plants, because , and this is what being grateful means , he doesn’t care about whether his lawn is green or not, he would rather give the money he would spend on water , to the poor.

  9. Bal Roque Says:

    I am grateful for the ordinary things I possess, for the roof over my head, for the food I eat, for the old car that takes me places I want to go. I am grateful for my job, and I pray that I get to keep it longer so that I may help others who are not so fortunate like me. I pray that I be not too scared of this crisis we are facing that I become less generous than before.

  10. Pamela Says:

    I forgot a couple of things, SEE YOU CAN BE GRATEFUL FOR MANY THINGS! I am grateful for my friend who has breast cancer , because I know she will be fine, I am grateful for her husband who is by her side through all of this. I am so grateful to see that my nieces and nephews are doing well , and that they all have beautiful healthy children. I can’t say that having lost a child is somehting to be grateful about, but he is with Our Lord, and although we miss him, we know he is safe, and happy! How could you be with the Lord and not be so very happy, and I am grateful that someday I will see him again. I am grateful for an older brother and sister who, mistakenly, shelter me from bad news about themselves, because they love me. I’m not a child , and I get upset with them when they keep something important from me, but, they love me. I don’t want to take space up with all of my words, but seeing a little cardinal, brilliant red, brings my son right back to me if only for a minute. Pray for all of the people who cannot get out of a bad situation, poverty, or domestic viloence, or those who thought abortion was the only way they could go, Pray for our leaders, they need it.

  11. Elsa Sabath Says:

    As a convert of 24 years, i am still madly, wonderfully in love with and grateful for my Catholic faith, and for the clergy and parishioners that have been faithful in their care for me through all the challenges of life. This living Church has provided the secure home base that has made the difference between a crippled life mostly endured and a joy that breaks upward through the morning dawn. This “People” has called out my gifts, helped to give them birth, and given me the context in which to use them for others. I believe my gratitude will follow me to the end of my days.

  12. arlene Says:

    I am grateful that the present crisis is providing us with an opportunity to understand and change behaviors that negatively impact the lives of human beings and the health of earth.

  13. Dianna Says:

    I am thankful with all that I have in me to be a child of God. All that I have, all that I need and all that I am I owe to Him. I thank Him for my beautiful family and extended family but especially for my grandchildren. I am thankful that I have a job, a roof over my head and food on my table. I am thankful for the opportunity to pray to my God, to receive Him in the Blessed Sacrament and the chance to be forgiven. I am thankful for the time He gives me to enjoy all of the beautiful things he has provided for me. I am proud and thankful that I can say out loud that “I LOVE MY LORD AND MY GOD” and that I can do so without fear

  14. Maddie Frances Says:

    I am grateful to God for my faith, for all the advantages and opportunities I have as
    I wake up each day. My health is reasonable…I still get around (I can’t run the way I could a few years ago, but I am mobile.) My education is a wonderful gift I use every day…I can read, write, compute.
    I can think. I can help others out. This list could go on and on…! Thank You, God!

  15. Tom Says:

    I firmly believe that it is patriotic to pay my fair share of taxes in support of those most in need, especially in times such as we face today. My ability to pay is a constant reminder of the many blessings in my life and a re-affirmation of my belief in the church teaching related to the “preferential option for the poor”.

  16. Karen Says:

    I am truly thankful for time. Time to pray. Time to do God’s work for God’s people. Time to read. Time to visit with friends and neighbors by phone, in person or e-mail. Time to be alone and listen to what God says through the stillness of silence.

  17. Karen Says:

    Sometimes the stillness of silence brings crisis–in fears and memories. But through crisis comes peace. Through peace comes an awarness of what God wants–not what you want.

  18. Freda Says:

    Even though the United States is going through a crisis right now and I can’t find a full-time job, nor do I have healthcare benefits, I am still more blessed than over 95% of people in this world. God has taught me to trust in him and live one day at a time. I know that things will turn around for me and my country. If people will just focus on what they have and not on what they don’t have, life will be much better.

  19. Linda Estrin Says:

    I am grateful that I never bought into the American dream which thankfully I knew was the American nightmare. God bless my talented
    son …May his future be bright.

  20. Mary Says:

    I am grateful for all the wonderful, honest, trustworthy organizations out there who are tireless in their efforts. I am grateful that I am able to support them in their work.

    I am grateful for my amazing family and friends, my home and bed (I thank God for that one a lot!) and for all the little things I have that I may overlook sometimes.

    I am grateful for Jesus dying for our sins, and always being there when I need him.

  21. Laura Says:

    I am very grateful that my husband has a great job, that we still have plenty of all that we NEED and some leftover for things that we want. I thank God every day for the love of my family, for his beauty that surrounds us and pray that I am able to share what I can with those less fortunate. I agree that these hard economic times may bring Americans back to wanting less of the excesses that we seem to accumulate and giving more of that excess to those who so desperately need it.

  22. Ruth Says:

    I am grateful for my family and my good health. I am grateful for my home and my animals. I am positive that the changes we are presently seeing in the world are just the old corrupt systems breaking down to make room for the new systems that will be based on integrity and honesty.

  23. Debbie Says:

    I am grateful for love, incredible family, amazing friends and good health. I’m also grateful for a community such as this one seeking to focus on the positive, help those in need and celebrate the wonder of life each day.

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