Advocacy, Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Fighting for Foreign Aid on Capitol Hill

As Congress prepares for a high-stakes battle over federal spending, religious leaders are lobbying senators to preserve foreign aid as a moral obligation.

“We’re talking about lives — great numbers of lives that are saved with minimal input on our part,” said the Most Rev. Denis Madden, the Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop of Baltimore and vice chair of Catholic Relief Services, on Wednesday (Nov. 2).

Madden affirmed that poverty-focused international aid makes up just 0.6 percent of the federal budget, but that amount feeds more than 46 million people and saves 3 million lives through immunizations each year.

Read more about the battle over foreign aid in The Washington Post.

Deacon Joseph R. Symkowick, Partnerships & Advocacy Officer, Catholic Relief Services, West Region recently visited east Africa and filed this related report.

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