Your Favorite Saint

In anticipation of All Saints Day, Nov. 1., we’d like to know if you have a favorite saint? If so, which saint and why is he or she special to you?

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41 Responses to “Your Favorite Saint”

  1. michael Says:

    my favor saint is st anthony he been a special friend never fais when i lost things or just feel down

  2. Rosemary Wright Says:

    As I child I read about St. Elizabeth of Hungary since her nameday was on my birthday. I admired her because she was a noble woman, but also a devot Christian who served the poor and sick. When I was confirmed, I chose Elizabeth as my middle name.

  3. Don Champagne Says:

    Actually, my family remembers our mother, Aline Claire Champagne, who died on All Saints Day about 11 years ago. We’ve gathered every year since then for a commemorative Mass. In her memory my wife and I have made a special CRS donation.

    As to Saints, I’ve always been partial to Thomas Acquinas, but since the Church has never (to my knowledge) canonized a Saint Donald, I don’t really have a favorite.

  4. Joanne Says:

    St. Katherine Drexel
    Having grown up in Philadelphia, she was a person I had learned about from my mother. I visited her shrine when my mother was very ill. Her Sisters were compassionate to my distress. I received a “gift” from St. Katherine (then Blessed) in that I was able to have one last good conversation with my mother before she passed a few weeks later.

  5. Eileen Knoff Says:

    At the moment I am drawn to St. Brigid of Kildare, a 5th century Celtic-Christian saint known for her deep compassion and care for others. She was also a noted leader of women and men, and legend has it ordained a Catholic bishop through the guidance of the Holy Spirit working in Bishop Mel and inspiring him to take this step to ordain her bishop.

    I currently value Brigid’s example so much that I facilitate a monthly contemplative sequence called Brigid’s Circle. It can be found at my website:

    One of Brigid’s noted expressions seems to me to be one CRS might like to know about: ‘what is mine, is theirs.’ We are indeed one.

    blessings, Eileen Knoff, Spiritual Director, Redmond, Washington

  6. Christine P. Says:

    St Catherine of Siena
    I chose her as my Confirmation saint based on a short description in a Lives of the Saints book. Now, years later, the more I learn about her, the more blessed I feel for having her as my patron. I admire her great love for Christ, her work with the poor and the sick, her fearlessness in dealing with all levels of people from the Pope to hardened criminals and her contribution to the Church’s understanding of God. She is a wonderful example of how to live for God.

  7. Marilyn Says:

    I also like St. Anthony. It never fails. When I have lost something, I start to remember St. Anthony, and am led to whatever I am seeking. I pray that in future he will lead me to be where I am most needed at this stage in my life.

  8. Elizabeth Ann Says:

    St. Katherine of Sienna and Elizabeth Ann Seton are my favorite saints right now. Elizabeth shares my name and was the first American saint and was canonized when I was growing up which was pretty profound for me… it made sainthood foreseeably “not impossible” to attain.

    St. Katherine of Sienna was my chosen confirmation saint and has been getting more of a spotlight in my life recently as I am preparing to take my son to Sienna, Italy. I always admired that she remained true to her love of Christ under the most abhorrent circumstances and then became the bride of Christ. I am 47 and not married to anyone physically yet believe my dedication to Christ and my own Christ self within is the best marriage I could make for myself and others.

  9. Lois Mills Says:

    St. Catherine of Siena was a strong woman, an advocate for church reform in her day, a Dominican (Dominican sisters educated me through high school and college, and I absolutely revere them) and finally, I was born on April 29, her feast day.

  10. Wendy Says:

    St Martin de Porres. He was incredibly poor, the victim of much racial prejudice and so humble that he didn’t want even to be a Dominican brother. When he did finally become one after the Superior encouraged him, he spent his life ministering to the poor by day and praying by night. I have loved him since he was a mere “Blessed”.

  11. Birrell Walsh Says:

    Our family likes St. Jude, patron of difficult situations, “…and of difficult people,” added my mother. We did have some difficult people in the family, and we got through it.

    Her statue of St. Jude is with me as I write this.

  12. Cheryl Baumann Says:

    I actually have three favorites. They are the three women who figured early in Jesus’ life. Mother Mary,her mother St.Anne, and cousin Elizabeth. My three daughters have been given these as their middle names in honor of them. St.Anne protected me during an extremely difficult pregnancy with my second son, and I promised her I would pay homage if all turned out well. My son is named Anthony to respect the intercession of St.Anne.

  13. Lisa Says:

    I have 2 favorites. St. Michael for protection from the enemy and St. Monica when I need help as a mother of a teen.

  14. Wayne F. Maresch Says:

    St. Michael the Archangel is my favorite after the Blessed Virgin. He defends and fights for the Faith.
    For Don: St. Donald’s feast day is July 15. He was from Scotland.

  15. John Says:

    Don Juan Bosco, because of his work with poor children in very practical and joyful ways. Today, the Salesians are still known for their work with urban poor children giving hope and practical skills. It reminds me of the work of CRS.

  16. Tom Hackim Says:

    My favorite saint is St Macrina. Macrina (327 – 379) was the eldest of ten children and very well educated by any standard. When her brilliant brother Basil (Basil the Great) returned home, laurel-crowned and insufferably conceited after completing his studies in Constantinople and Athens, she transferred him under her tutelage into a humble monk. St Benedict, Patriarch of the West was to salute in his rule, as “our holy Father Basil.” Two more brothers Gregory of Nyssa and Peter of Sebaste, find a place in the calendar of saints. All three brothers became church leaders in Asia Minor and Gregory the Great is one the most notable Catholic Doctors of the Church whose influence is equal to Thomas Aquinas.

  17. Chris Says:

    While just about all Celtic saints tend to fascinate me because their biographies/legends are so entwined with fantastical elements (St. Patrick had a wizard’s duel with Druids and changed into a deer), St. Brendan the Navigator stands out because of his amazing legendary voyage complete with mass celebrated on the back of a whale!

  18. Anna Catherine Huth Says:

    My favorite is St. Catherine of Siena, because she got people moving!

  19. Kathleen Muller Says:

    My Favorite Saint is St. Katharine Drexel Having had the privilege of being in the Presence of St. Katharine Drexel many times as a child and a teenager both at St. Michael Shrine of the True Cross and the Motherhouse St Elizabeth’s Convent in Bristol Pa. Mother Katharine was devoted to the Negro and Indian Missions she established throughout the United States and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament the religious order she established under the direction of the Pope. Mother Katharine was from a very wealthy family but gave of herself and her compassion to the poorest of the poor.

  20. C Q Says:

    Picking a favorite saint??? when so many are here for us every day??? It does surprise me though that St Theresa the Little Flower is not mentioned. She sought to be nothing in this world, is ever available for talk and never cares if she is ignored. Her Little Way is wrapped around my heart.
    And St. Thomas a’Becket, St Albert, Holy
    Inoccents, St Maxamillian Kobe…..
    Thomas Merton/Seven Storey Mt. that kept me Catholic as a teen

  21. Kenneth Stewart Says:

    St. Bernadette of Lourdes,

    I have always been inspired by St. Bernedette during my life because of her simple desire to serve in whatever way she could, to suffer greatly without complaint and by her offering of her life in her great love affair with the Mother of God and the Lord. Her faith and love opened a flood of healing for so many.

  22. Carol J Griesemer Says:

    I have two favorites:

    The Little Flower, because she was my Baptismal patron saint, and I was named for her because my mother vowed to do that if she carried me through safely to birth! Also, I love her “little way”, which I think Mother also did, and I actually got to visit her Carmel in France.

    St. Scholastica because she was a feisty, strong religious woman, deeply in love with God (Benedict’s twin sister)

  23. Heidi Mead Says:

    Many years ago, a dear friend “introduced” me to St. Anthony of Padua. She told me he never let her down, no matter what her request. And I have found over the years that he is a very kind and reliable intercessor. I talk to him VERY often, and, like my friend says, he never lets you down.

  24. Judi Girard Says:

    My favorite Saint is St. Jude. He has never let me down when I have prayed to him and even though I have sometimes hoped for a different answer to my prayers, he has always showed me the way to solve my issues or problems.

  25. Meadow Says:

    When I baptized my baby neice, I gave her the saint’s name Mary. I told church that the saint refers to Mary, Mother of God. In my childhood, I always had a statue of Mary in my room, and she remains there to this day. She is a symbol of great sacrafice, great love and purity, and mother to all.She remains my favorite patroness.

  26. Tim Viezer Says:

    From childhood, I have admired St. Joan of Arc. She was earnest and a time witty in her trials.

  27. Regina Cassidy Says:

    My favorite “saints” are actually not official yet, but are and hve been for a long time, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, and Mahatma Gandhi. I have seen them work in my own day and age, standing up strongly in peace for things I strongly believe in, and they keep me going. There is a woman who has worked tirelessly on Staten Island now, for the past 30 years, Terry Troia, for the homeless and hungry, and she is my contemporary saint and inspiration as well.

  28. JeanAnn Says:

    I actually have 2 favorite saints. St. Anthony has been my patron saint for almost 30 years now. My prayers to him are always answered and he intercedes for me with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit on many occasions. Just recently I started praying to St. Michael the Archangel and I have never once been let down. The trick is to trust and believe that these saints will answer your prayers and there is no doubt in my mind that they will.

  29. Katey Says:

    My favorite, like many, is St. Catherine of Sienna. She said it all in this prayer: O tender Father, You gave me more, much more than I ever thought to ask for. Thank-you, and again thank-you, O Father, for having granted my requests, and for having granted those things I never realized I needed or sought.”

  30. Denise Says:

    I have lots of favorite saints, including St. Monica for her persistence, St. Catherine of Siena (Confirmation patron), and St. Ignatius Loyola for his prayerful spirit. I like St. Teresa of Avila too.

  31. Tam Gisler Says:

    My middle name is Elizabeth. I was named after St. Elizabeth of Hungary and I celebrated my name’s day on November 19th growing up. Later, the church changed her date to the 17th of November, but I still celebrate on the 19th. We always had a special dessert on our name’s days when I was a child and I continue the tradition with my own children on their saint name’s day. One miracle attributed to St.Elizabeth surrounds an incident of charity. She was sneaking bread to the poor from the castle, when the guards stopped her and demanded to see what was under her cape. When she opened it, the bread had changed to red roses. Roses are, of course, a sign of the Virgin Mary. I also had edible or real roses on my name’s day cake and those remain my favorite flower to this day.

  32. Sr. Mary Alma Vandervest Says:

    I have a number of favorite saints. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is the foundress of the Sisters of Charity in the United States. My community traces its founding back to the original foundation in Emmitsburg, MD.

    Since 3rd grade I have been interested in different cultures, so I celebrate the feasts of Juan Diego, Paul Miki, Charles, Lwanga, Kateri Tekakwitha, Lawrence Ruiz, Martin de Porres, Andrew Dung Lac and their companions, etc.

    I grew up in the Green Bay area, so Isaac Jogues and John de Brebeuf are also among my favorites.

    My father was in agriculture, so St Isadore the Farmer and St. Joseph the Worker also are very meaningful to me. The Guardian Angels and Sts Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels, have been precious to me since I learned about their care for each of us. I have named my Guardian Angel for St. Gabriel who is sometimes called ‘The Power of God’ or ‘God is my Strength’.

  33. John Lindner Says:

    This comment was emailed in by Patricia:

    Calvary greetings to you in Jesus name. My favourite saint is SAINT PATRICK,which we celebrate his feast day on the 17nth of march,i love the saint because he is my patron saint. I was upportune to come to this earth on the feast day of st.patricks & that is why i was named PATRICIA. God bless u.

  34. John Lindner Says:

    This comment was emailed by Cole Litton:

    Concerning your attached message and your Poll of Readers concerning their Favorite Saints, as we approach All Saints Day on Nov 1st, 09, I would appreciate it very much if you could send me a List of All the Catholic Saints and the Title of What they are Saints of, that is, What is their Saintly Title:
    For Example, from the Book of Common Prayers of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, Hales Corner, Wisconsin, we note that St Lucy is the Patron of Good Eyesight, and this Prayer Book has a Common Prayer in her Honor. Similarly, there is a Common Prayer to St. Peregrine, the Patron Againts Cancer, and there are a number of other Patron Saints who support various aspects of Human Health or are Against Human Diiseases. I have forgotten the names of some of these Patron Saints. There is a whole List of them as compiled and published by the Catholic Church. Can you remind me of the names of these Patron Saints and their Patronage? Many thanks for your help in this matter!

    [Editor’s note: Mr. Litton, here’s a list you might find helpful: ]

  35. Carole Says:

    When I was going through a very difficult time in my life, I belonged to St. Jude’s parish. Every Fall for 9 weeks, we did a Thursday night novena to St. Jude. It sustained me. I still pray to him during difficult times.

  36. Joanna Harmon Says:

    My favorite saint is actually 2 favorites. My patron saint is Saint John the Evangelist whom I love dearly and as I am a Benedictine Oblate I also love St. Benedict whose rule has opened my mind to new thoughts and wishes.

  37. Kevin Cushing Says:

    My favorite saint is St. Francis of Assisi. He possessed a well-rounded spirituality which so closely imitated Christ and set an example to us all: deep contemplative prayer, reaching out to the poor and the marginalized because they are Christ in disguise, and viewing the natural world as God’s beautiful gifts. He was also quite humble- deeming himself unworthy of God’s graces, joy-filled despite the war, disease, and poverty around him, and profoudly loyal to the Church of his time despite its human flaws.

  38. Sr. Christine Still, OSF Says:

    My favorite saints are Francis and Clare of Assisi. I have numerous other saints to whom I feel close, but being a Franciscan, these are at the very top of the list. These two saints are about relationship–their relationship with each other, God, creation and other people is an example to us all. If more of us attempted to live the values they had, our world would be a much better place. With healthy relationship always as the beginning place for any interaction, money, power, and possessions would be of much less importance. Would this lead to less greed, war, power struggles, etc? I believe so. Try it for yourself–put relationship first!

  39. Kathleen Anderson Says:

    Over the past 25 years I have been getting to know many saints, and find the effort to be greatly rewarding. Although I wouldn’t say one is a favorite over others, there is a saint that seems to be overshadowed by the commercialized persona: St Nicholas. The stories of this saint are wonderful. Among other things, he is the patron saint of children, which is of course an important group for prayer.

  40. Barbara Chichester Says:

    My favorite saint is Saint Francis
    because he looks after all the innocent animals that badly need
    to be taken care of. They do so
    much for mankind and ask nothing in return, just to live free and without pain.

  41. BJ Says:

    St. Thomas More because he didn’t mince words about when a marriage was a marriage, St. Rita Cascia because she was heroic in a bad marriage and St. Michael because I could use a little defense right now.

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