Reader Question for Father’s Day

What is a father’s most important trait?

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8 Responses to “Reader Question for Father’s Day”

  1. Stephen F. Jackson Says:

    What is a father’s most important trait?

    A father’s most important trait is love. Love of spouse and family are the most important. Of course traits of integrity, relibility, and leadership are also important. Being a good provider is important, but way down the list from the above.

  2. Russ Says:

    In my opinion, the most important trait of a good father is justice. One has to be just in punishment. One must also reward justly when it is warranted. Too much of either will ruin the intended result.

  3. lck Says:

    Patient, faithful love for his wife and children

  4. elcie Says:

    A father should take time to be with each child. He should show the way by going to church, praying faithfully and leading family prayer.

  5. Glor Says:

    A father, in my opinion, should be a good listener to their children. I have always admired the way that my husband listens to our children, They are all adults now, and, of course, he still ‘listens’
    He does so because he cares what they are thinking and has created a bond with them that is beyond words. There are many traits that one would need to have to just listen, it has to be that he cares and loves them very much.
    Yes and he even listens to me after 56 years.
    What a guy!

  6. Cary Friedman Says:

    A father must be an equal parent with the mother.
    To be there for their children by nurturing listening, teaching, guiding & loving unconditionally. There is nothing more rewarding then to be a parent especially of a young child.
    I would not trade my experience as a parent for anything in the world. Receiving love back is also sweet and being able to have a friendship with your children as they become adults.

  7. caducca Says:

    In things of father’s most important trait needs peaceful mind in action. attendance to the family needs, provisions and good inspirations, also personal good examples to the family.He needs also good listening to his children`s and enough ideas for there ways of living.

  8. Bob Guerin Says:

    Being there.

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