Father David Garcia: Of Dignity and Toenail Polish….

Excerpted from Today’s Catholic:

While the world’s attention was riveted on the World Cup and South Africa, I had the great privilege of touring another part of the continent with Catholic Relief Services (CRS). We were a delegation of Hispanic Church leaders from all over the US who were visiting the West African countries of Ghana and Burkina Faso to promote global solidarity among Hispanic Catholics. CRS is about human dignity. It is the official US Catholic agency for humanitarian relief and development throughout the world. Working in over 100 countries it seeks to help people help themselves through programs of micro finance, health care, education, agriculture, water and food.

What impressed me the most were the stories of the people we met who had benefitted from the collaboration and support of CRS and other partners. Each was a very human story of people simply wanting what all of us want in life: a place to call home, food, work that allows us to raise a family in dignity, education for our children and security.

Read the rest of Father Garcia’s story here.

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