Fair Trade: What You Can Do

Fair Trade is a easy way to give gifts to loved ones and help working poor families around the world. If you’re looking for gifts you won’t find on department store shelves, check out the CRS Fair Trade web site and blog.

You can promote justice for small-scale farmers and artisans overseas when you:

– Educate yourself and people in your parish, school, office and community to understand how their decision to buy Fair Trade items can help.

– Join the CRS Fair Trade network. You will receive your quarterly copy of The CRS Fair Trader, an electronic newsletter that provides updates on new program developments and new opportunities to promote trade justice.

– Serve and Sell Fair Trade coffee, chocolate and crafts after Mass and at special events in your parish, school, office, community and home. It is a great way to begin a conversation with your fellow parishioners, classmates, colleagues and neighbors about Fair Trade and the hope it offers to small-scale producers overseas.

– Buy Fair Trade for your home, parish, school or office.

– Donate to the CRS Fair Trade Fund.

– Advocate for fairer terms of trade.

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