Fair Trade Flick Coming to a Parish Near You

Here’s a film you probably won’t see buzzed on any Hollywood gossip sites.

It’s called The Sower. According to a Sun-Sentinel story it’s “a 10-minute film shot at Florida Atlantic University that organizers say will appear on the Internet and at Catholic parishes around the country. A $5,000 grant from Catholic Relief Services paid for the film, with a script written by Terence McCorry, director of campus ministries for the Diocese of Palm Beach, and volunteer actors….”

Check out the full story here.

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2 Responses to “Fair Trade Flick Coming to a Parish Near You”

  1. Patrick Dodd Says:

    Sounds like a great film. You dont know if this will have a creative commons license do you? It would be great to see this on Google video so as to maximise the exposure to fair trade. Best of luck!

  2. John Lindner Says:

    Good question.
    We hope to interview the director soon. If we can get that info, we’ll post it with the story.

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