Fair Trade: CRS Program Mission

Fair Trade is a easy way to give gifts to loved ones and help working poor families around the world. If you’re looking for gifts you won’t find on department store shelves, check out the CRS Fair Trade web site and blog. Below, more on our Fair Trade mission.

CRS works through the Fair Trade Program to build right relationships with the people overseas who create the things we enjoy here in the United States.

The CRS Fair Trade program offers four ways to be involved with Fair Trade, the Coffee Project, Chocolate Project, Work of Human Hands, and the Fair Trade fund.

Our overarching goal is to educate Catholics and others about what Fair Trade is and help them spread the word about how to get involved.

The CRS program offeres Fair Trade trainings that cover details about Fair Trade, the projects, and how to become involved. Many of these trainings involve a visit to one of our partners in the United States to meet folks who are 100% dedicated to Fair Trade.

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