Coffee and Climate Change: Help CRS Get Out The Vote

Here’s a note from our Fair Trade Friends. We plan to keep you posted on this for the duration.

We have taken the first step to responding to a recent climate change RFP from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and I am writing to ask you to make your voices heard and vote for the joint CIAT/CRS submission!

Green Mountain is using this RFP not only as a way to invest in mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change on its own supply chains, but also to deepen its engagement with social media platforms, including Twitter and JustMeans.

On a dedicated JustMeans microsite, Green Mountain has created a voting function as a kind of “audience award” that will feed into the company’s decision-making processes. Today we posted our proposal summary onto the site and are hoping to attract enough votes to justify Green Mountain’s serious review of our full proposal, which we will develop in collaboration with CIAT in the coming days.

The Proposal.

Our friends at CIAT, which has more than two decades of experience in developing decision support tools for smallholder farmers, will take the lead on this proposal and do lots of “techie” stuff around crop targeting: they take a mind-numbing array of climatic and ecological variables into consideration to generate crop maps to show what can thrive where and how those patterns are changing over time due to climate change.

Our role will be to work with CIAT to bring this critical information to the more than three dozen coffee cooperatives that are participating in our CAFE Livelihoods project in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Together with CIAT, we will conduct some qualitative research to validate what their models suggest, and work with the cooperatives to design some basic mitigation and adaptation strategies that position them to respond effectively to the major changes occurring in the world around them.

What You Can Do.

Log on and vote! Tell your colleagues, friends, families, neighbors, dentists, babysitters, yoga instructors, baristas, etc. to do the same! (FYI,you will need to register with JustMeans in order to vote.)

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