Facing Your Fears

What frightens you?

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17 Responses to “Facing Your Fears”

  1. emily Says:

    Getting married to a man who will cheat on me, and not take care of our children. or suffering so much from disease, war or poverty that I lose my faith in God.

  2. Esta Says:

    These things happen to many many people, but somehow they find a way to get through it. Christians say God sustains them through it.

    My fear this year:economic recession – The cost of living goes up, people losing jobs … tough!

  3. Kris Says:

    My fear is that I am not worthy of God’s love and I have become more distant and scared as a result.

  4. Robbi Says:

    What really frightens me in human society is that we seem to not know how to cope with our fears. We seem to not know how to go to our depths and face these fears and join Christ in suffering such that we have any possibility of surmounting them to the degree that we can both suffer and live life to the full each and every day. I fear that those of us who know this path will not be able to reach out to those who don’t — that the mass of humanity will keep defending form all the daily hurts, pain and fears that keep them stuck in misery instead of somehow learning the path to falling into suffering and going through it into beauty. Blessings,

  5. felicity connolly-brown Says:

    nothing, God takes care of everything or gives me the will to go on.

  6. Mick Tahaney Says:

    I fear anyone who does not know the Lord and have the Holy Spirit in their lives because without fear of the Lord there is no moral law.

  7. gary long Says:

    I fear only for my daughter who is serving our country in Afghanistan.

  8. Mom Says:

    The amount of hatred in this country is truly frightening to me. It seems to be rampant and is continually stoked by certain elements of the media.

  9. John V Vaisvil Says:

    One has NO FEARS if one believes in God!!

    One who walks with God is NEVER lost!!!

    (even if the road is rough!!!)

  10. Meadow Says:

    I think the term “God-fearing” is a forgotten one for many in our present society for Christian and non-Christian alike. There seems to be so many abuses of individuals, people, animals and the environment. In my view, the purpose of Jesus and his message is remind us to be humble, caring, loving human beings. During times of great difficulty we must look to one another for support and to God for grace and mercy. God hears, and in my view, is the voice of the suffering and abused in the world. If we can remember this, then we can be saved as a society.

  11. Lisa Says:

    I fear the racism and hatred that has entered our political system. So many people have made their politics their God.

  12. Frank Says:

    I fear the existence of nuclear weaponry and the ability of extremists, or even of “legitimate” controlers of this weaponry to use it without moral justification. I fear that our U.S. Government policies will not get ahead of a tragedy which would certainly be global in consequences.

  13. Alaine Bohnsak Says:

    intolerance, hatred, corruption, indifference, predjudice, injustice, and most of all one’s belief that their is no GOD!

  14. Richard Range Says:

    I fear that I cannot continue to keep doing the physical work that I have done to keep my health strong. Aging and having had polio is a struggle. However the more I find Jesus in my daily life, the more at peace and calm I am.

  15. Dan Says:

    Being alone

  16. Jean Leon Says:

    I am from Haiti , I have been forced to leave my country since May 1988 . I want to go back to my country to help educate the children and give look for them to have good health , good education . Also teach people about their faith in God , but I am afraid to not able to support myself financially . Any comments and helps are available ?

  17. Margaret Bitz Says:

    I fear the calumney that is so rampant in our politics.

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