Faces From the Field: Terrance Obwoya, Northern Uganda

When I met Terrence Obwoya in Gulu, he shared with me how much he appreciates the help he has received from Catholic Relief Services. Five years ago, he moved into a camp for displaced people after being driven from his home by fighting in northern Uganda.

Gift goat

Terrence Obwoya received a goat from CRS and then bought another goat after a good peanut harvest from donated seeds. He hopes to grow his herd, sell some and then buy a cow. Photo by Debbie DeVoe/CRS

Peace talks over the last two years have led to significantly improved security, allowing him to return to his original village of Awat-Lela near Gulu early last year. But restarting a life from scratch is difficult.

To help families return to their fields and earn a living, CRS supports a number of activities. Since 2006, three European Union-funded projects have enabled CRS and our local partner Caritas Gulu to provide seeds and goats to thousands of families in need.

Terrance received a goat from CRS and then bought another goat after harvesting a good peanut crop from donated seeds. Serendipitously, the goat from CRS was pregnant when he received it, so he soon became the owner of two additional baby goats. Village elders taught Terrance—who had never owned goats before—how to care for his new livestock. Now he plans to grow his herd, with the ultimate aim of selling some of his goats to buy a cow for plowing. He simply cannot wait for the day when he will actually own cattle—a dream he thought he would never achieve.

— Debbie DeVoe, CRS regional information officer, East Africa

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