Facebook Challenge Helps Fans Help the World

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David Catalano, president of Modea advertising firm, helped CRS’ programs overseas by creating a matching drive for CRS’ Cause on Facebook.com. Photo courtesy David Catalano

As an advertising professional, David Catalano is used to finding creative ways to nudge people forward.

So it was only fitting that he would challenge his peers to contribute to Catholic Relief Services’ Cause on Facebook. In September, the 31-year-old, created a matching drive, where if members broke the $900 donation mark, he would donate the remaining $100 needed to bring CRS to $1,000. The response was swift.

“It was a good test to use social networking to drive a non-profit cause and get people to take action,” says Catalano, president and co-founder of Modea advertising and marketing firm.

Catalano resides in Blacksburg, Virginia with his wife and infant son and is an active member of Saint Mary’s Catholic Church. He has volunteered with Habitat Humanity, and during the Christmas season helped organize a clothing drive for the area’s needy families.

Facebook makes helping and involvement easy. Donations to CRS through Facebook continue to grow, as members have raised nearly $2,000, mostly made up of $10 and $25 donations.

Each time someone joins the CRS Cause or makes a donation through Causes, all of their friends are notified through their News Feed, making the community nature of Facebook a powerful tool to increase awareness and reach a new audience.

Catalano says his knowledge of CRS’ work around the world was acquired at an early age, as he saw CRS’ mailings come to the house for his parents. As an adult, Catalano’s first donation to our agency was prompted by a major disaster in 2004.

“I wanted to contribute money in a way that would create short term relief,” he says, noting that he also makes contributions to longer-term infrastructure projects.

Join the CRS Facebook Cause.

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