East Africa Office Thanks Edith Njauke for 35 Years of Service

Edith Njauke

Edith Njauke is the “face of CRS East Africa.” She has worked for the regional office in Nairobi for the last 35 years. Photo by Debbie DeVoe/CRS

If you’ve ever visited Catholic Relief Services’ East Africa regional office (EARO) in Nairobi, chances are you were greeted warmly by Edith Njauke. Since May 2, 1974, Edith has been the “face of CRS EARO,” according to Susan Hahn, CRS’ director for the region from 1993 to 2000. Now, after 35 years of dedicated service, Edith is retiring at year’s end.

Susan—visiting from headquarters to help with a monitoring and evaluation project—presented Edith with a scrapbook of memories. She and Tom Remington, CRS’ senior technical advisor for agriculture and food security who also spent many years in Nairobi, asked colleagues to send in pictures and remembrances for the book.

“I didn’t expect this. It’s such a surprise,” Edith says. “It makes me feel good, because I will remember and miss all these great people.”

Tom’s remembrance sums up so many people’s appreciation of Edith’s assistance:

“Edith welcomed me on my first day in the EARO office back in August 1997 and wished me a safe journey when I left 10 years later. The 10 years I was in Nairobi saw tremendous change and growth to the regional office. However, throughout, Edith was there—solid as a rock. I never knew Edith to take a sick day, to be in a bad mood or show anger or even irritation. Unbelievable! I wish Edith a retirement that is as long and productive as her time with the CRS East Africa Regional Office. Edith, we will all miss you.”

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