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Delegation Visits CRS in Accra, Ghana

Once again, CRS Ghana has been honored with the visit of two CRS board members, Most Reverend John H. Richard and Most Reverend Martin David Holley and accompanied by the executive secretary of the USCCB and others. Also present at the event, was Donald Teitelbaum, the United States ambassador to Ghana.

During the visit, a creative, vivid and pictorial market stall presentation was made on CRS programs and interventions in Ghana. A brief recap of previous interventions and collaborations between CRS and the US government was made by Lisa Washington Sow, the country representative of CRS Ghana.

Lisa expressed the gratitude and appreciation to the delegation for their passion and years of unwavering support for the work of CRS in Ghana. She underscored the need for continual support and collaboration as we address the needs of the most vulnerable in the country.

The delegation acknowledged and thanked CRS staff for their commitment and dedication to the mandate of CRS to serve the needs of the poor and urged the staff to keep up the good work. The fact that the bishops and the US ambassador to Ghana made time within their busy and tight schedules to visit, share our programs and interact with us was a tremendous source of encouragement and motivation for us staff members.

On behalf of CRS staff, our partners and beneficiaries, thank you all for the visit. We definitely appreciated your visit and we hope for more of such visits in the future.

–Thomas Awiapo
As a child in Ghana, Thomas Awiapo was a beneficiary of CRS school feeding programs. Now, as an adult, he works for CRS Ghana and travels to the United States annually to tell his inspiring story to American Catholics at schools, parishes and communities. Thomas will be a featured guest blogger and will be reporting from Ghana about the issues he witnesses firsthand.

Watch the video: Empowered for Life: The Thomas Awiapo Story.

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