Called to Witness Nigeria

Called to Witness in Nigeria, Day Five

In April, the 2008 Called to Witness group will travel to Nigeria to see Catholic Relief Services responding to poverty and fostering peace. Check back in the weeks ahead for postings to our travelogue, telling the story of our journey and pilgrimage to Nigeria. If you are interested in learning more about Called to Witness visit the Called to Witness homepage.

Our fifth entry in the travelogue is written by Christina Lujan, from St. Louis of France Catholic Church.

Enchantment and Honor

Called to Witness participantsCalled to Witness participants pose with Father Charles, the rector of the seminary of the Archdiocese of Jos and a newly appointed Bishop in Nigeria.

What an incredible journey thus far! We have been so overwhelmed by the welcoming of the people. Everywhere we turn, we are welcomed with smiles and beautiful greetings. One can feel the joy of our presence in this country. Today we were told by Father Oscar that he was “enchanted” by our coming. We too have been enchanted by what we have heard and seen. What an amazing honor it is for us to sit in room filled with the Archdiocesan youth director and numerous youth leaders that have gathered to highlight their ministry here in Jos. One can honestly say that they are far more advanced in their structure of youth leadership (defined in Nigeria as ages 15-35) than we are in the United States. It was impressive to see and hear how numerous youth organization come together as one. They work collectively to achieve one common goal: to build the youth who are the present and future hope of the church.

We went from an inspiring meeting to yet another blessed gathering at St. Augustine Major Seminary. Just to see and hear that there are over 270 seminarians was inspiring. WOW! We then met with the director, Father Charles, and received the news that we were sitting with a newly appointed Bishop. What an honor!

Yet the day’s excitement was only increasing. We later enjoyed one of the best meals with great company thus far. We were hosted for dinner at the Bishop’s residency in Jos. We were the guests of honor amongst many religious and friends; at least 70. There is no such thing as a ‘small’ meal or gathering. The relationship and interaction of the church with the people is one I have never experienced before. At times it has been hard to differentiate the priest from others. It brought much joy to be able to share a meal with many of the friends we have met during our stay in Jos.

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