Dancing in the Rain in Ethiopia

Benjamin Krause, a CRS International Development Fellow in Ethiopia, sends in this story from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has been one of the countries hit hardest by climate change. Today, though, a different kind event is creating a localized and unseasonable weather pattern: It’s raining in the dry season because we just struck water!

The ‘rain’ falling down all around us is gushing forth from nearly 1,000 feet underground thanks to one of CRS’ newest drill rigs.

Ethiopia drilling

Bekele Abaire, CRS Ethiopia’s water and sanitation program manager, celebrates striking water with one of our new well drilling rigs just outside of Addis Ababa. Photo by Benjamin Krause/CRS

CRS is the only aid organization in all of Ethiopia that can drill this deep. As part of the ever-enthusiastic work of our Water and Sanitation Program Manager, Bekele Abaire, CRS has acquired three new deep-water drill rigs. They are the best rigs in the country, and with them, CRS has revolutionized water source construction in Ethiopia.

Under the direction of Bekele, with his surveying expertise, these rigs have reached water on 100 percent of their attempts. The resulting wells produce five times the amount of water of regular wells, allowing CRS to serve five times as many families. As a result, CRS can be more efficient in our water projects, constructing fewer wells to serve greater numbers of people. We are also bringing safe water to areas where wells were previously impossible to build due to water depth.

That’s reason enough for me to join Bekele as he dances in the rain.

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