CRS to Support Turkey Earthquake Response

Catholic Relief Services has provided $50,000 to support the International Blue Crescent’s emergency response to the devastating earthquake that struck the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey.

The IBC is now responding with deliveries of food and hygiene materials. Over the next four months, it will continue to provide assistance to 500 of the some 2,000 families whose homes have been destroyed and are now being sheltered in tented camps. IBC, a long-standing partner of CRS, is already providing food, cooking utensils, and heaters with gas tubes to prevent hypothermia in what is one of the coldest regions in Turkey.

“It is great that IBC is already on the scene, and it pleases me that CRS is able to support IBC’s wonderful work,” said Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS regional director for Europe and the Middle East.

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