CRS Supports Key Anti-Hunger Bill

Last February, CRS joined with a large coalition of humanitarian organizations in presenting a comprehensive Roadmap to End Global Hunger that offered a strategy to overhaul US efforts to promote food security for the world’s poorest and hungriest people. Now, Reps. Jim McGovern and Joanne Emerson, who attended the Roadmap press event, have introduced legislation to enact much of this strategy. CRS is enthusiastically supporting this bill, officially known as the Roadmap to End Global Hunger and Promote Food Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2817).

Among other things, the Roadmap Act would address both chronic hunger and emergency situations by ensuring there is sufficient funding for both cash and commodity-based programs that address acute hunger and build food security. The bill also proposes a Coordinator on Global Hunger and Food Security in the White House. The legislation also establishes a bipartisan, bicameral Select Committee on Hunger to focus on global hunger in a comprehensive and coordinated way within Congress.

The Roadmap to End Global Hunger report is available here.

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