CRS Staff Unhurt as Moldova Protests Continue

As students in Moldova protest the governing Communist Party’s victory in Sunday’s election, CRS Moldova staff and partners have remained safe from violence in the capital city of Chisinau. Since the CRS’ office is centrally located in Chisinau, the protests were very close on Tuesday and CRS staff were sent home early.

Tuesday’s gunfire and rock-throwing killed one person and injured many. “Communications were blacked out several times Tuesday–including land lines, mobile phone and Internet services,” says Michael McKennett, Head of Office for CRS Moldova. “At the moment, everything is back on.” CRS is monitoring the situation, but currently all programs are operational. 

Moldova, a former Soviet republic, is one of Europe’s poorest countries. CRS Moldova runs programs that help employ impoverished people, especially in rural areas. Working with the local church, CRS is also beginning an HIV prevention and awareness program for teenagers in Moldova.

Reported by Laura Sheahen, CRS regional information officer

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