CRS Shelters Survivors of India Storm

India storm

Survivors of a severe storm that hit West Bengal and Bihar on the night of Tuesday, April 13, in India. CRS is distributing shelter kits to survivors. Photo by CRS staff

A severe storm struck parts of West Bengal and Bihar states in India on the night of Tuesday, April 13. Over 100 people were killed in the storm and tens of thousands lost their homes, crops, and livestock.

CRS teams report that the poorest families are most affected because they had easily-destroyed thatched roofed houses. People are trying to repair their houses with locally available materials such as straw and bamboo.

CRS is distributing over 4,000 prepositioned shelter kits to survivors. The kits include tarps, plastic mats, rope, matchboxes and candles. Because poor sanitation after natural disasters can lead to disease, CRS is also giving out 1,500 hygiene kits (laundry detergent, bathing soap, disinfectant, sanitary cloths, and bucket) in West Bengal. The kits will help 9,400 people in West Bengal and 18,000 people in Bihar rebuild.

Reported by Laura Sheahen, CRS regional information officer for Asia

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