CRS Readies Supplies for Haiti Earthquake Survivors

Haiti supplies

A team of Catholic Relief Services staff and volunteers prepare kits of food for the survivors of the earthquake that rattled the capital of Port au Prince on January 12th. Food and other essentials trucked in from the Dominican Republic were instrumental in the relief effort. Greisy Mones for CRS

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10 Responses to “CRS Readies Supplies for Haiti Earthquake Survivors”

  1. Pia Varni Says:

    CRS, Thank you for your work! God’s blessings on your work.

  2. Beverly Wood Says:

    We have made donations and have signed up for medical assistance team deployment from San Diego. Is there any part of CRS involved in providing help by opening are homes here in the US to families until we can help rebuild Haiti? My husband and I are every interested in providing a long term commitment to a family or orphaned children in this manner. May God watch over all of us and open eyes to the long term commitment to those who are less fortunate in the world.

  3. Kathie Brown Says:

    I have made financial donation. I am an Emergency Room Nurse trained in triage and currently am able to go to Haiti if needed. I could pay my own way and could stay at least one month.

    My husband and I also could house 2-3 orphan children until their families could be found either here in the states or in Haiti

    God watch over everyone involved in this awful tragedy.

  4. Rosemary Feeney Says:

    I have made a financial contribution but would like to do more. Is there any place in the Long Island, NY area where I can help e.g. pack food, do office work, or perform other volunteer services?

  5. peggy haggerty Says:

    Please send help to receive the children into protection as soon as possible.


  6. Norma Says:

    I had the same interest as the last few blogs. We have a home and would be available in assisting with orphnaed childern or even a family needing a place to stay until they can find more permanent arrangments.

    God Bless all the hands, feet and souls of those on the groung assisting Hatians. I pray God’s glory will shine through this tragedy.

  7. Louise Thomas Says:

    My friend and I are nurses and are willing to volunteer. Please give information on our next step.

  8. Tracy Says:

    We would be willing to open our home to an orphaned or misplace child in Haiti.. Temporarily or long-term.. Whatever is needed.. Let us help!! I have been searching online for days trying to see relief efforts for those orphaned children.. This can’t be overlooked.. ! I have found nothing but alot of us willing to open our homes but no system set in place.. !

  9. Misti Says:

    I am a registered nurse, my husband is a teacher with a MA in Ed. Administration, we would love to help by volunteering for a week to 10 days the end of March if the need/opportunity is there-Peace

  10. Anita Campbell Says:

    I am a physical therapist. I understand the needs for amputees in Haiti is great. I am experienced with both the initial recovery and the prosthetic training required for those with amputations. I want to donate my time, experience, and supplies. Please let me know how I can help.

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