CRS Readies Aid for 1500 Gazan Families

Gaza aid

CRS staff and volunteers load boxes for delivery to Gaza as part of a relief effort that will serve 1500 families. Photo by Michelle Barsa/CRS

This week in the West Bank, college-age volunteers helped pack hundreds of boxes with blankets, diapers, plastic basins, and other items to be delivered to 1500 families in the war-torn Gaza Strip. CRS is also sending ready-to-eat food like canned tuna because many families have no way to cook food.

Elias Kreitem, Operations Manager in CRS’ Jerusalem office, said that CRS’ efforts have received a great deal of local support. “The supplier has contributed a lot and was willing to help in all circumstances, like giving us extra warehouse space at no additional charge. I visited the storerooms [on Jan. 20] and all volunteers (most of them with university degrees) were packing the purchased items. Many of them were scouts and worked every day almost until midnight in order to send the packages to Gaza in a timely manner. I was happy to see things moving forward with this help and enthusiasm from all suppliers and scout members.”

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